Parents ‘Coming Out’

For some parents the realisation that their child is gay, lesbian or transgender might bring up questions about their own sexual orientation.

Coming to terms with one’s own sexuality can be a lifelong process and without any support many enter into a marriage hoping their feelings might change or go away, only to realise later on that they can’t deny how they really feel.

Sometimes the fear of losing the love and respect of close family members, even the fear of losing one’s children or our jobs, if we would live who we are, prevents plenty of people of coming out to themselves and their families. This can be a very painful and lonely path.

If this sounds familiar to you it might help to realise, that you are not on your own, that a lot of people have gone through the same struggle and that there are support groups or individuals happy to talk to you. Whatever you decide how to live your life is entirely your own choice and if you feel you would like to talk to someone you can email

Remember: Coming out to yourself and accepting who you are does not mean that you have to come out to every human being you meet. Just as much as your LGBT child, or your straight friends have the right to choose to whom they talk about their sexuality, the same right applies to you