Parents’ Experience

Mary’s Story

“Our son hasn’t changed – he was always gay. He didn’t have to tell us, but he loved us enough to want to be himself with us.”

Carmel’s Story

” Her father cried and he thought I would be able to fix the situation as most mothers fix family situations, but not this time.”

Patricia’s Story

“We just needed time to get used to the idea, what a fool I would have been to lose that precious son of mine.”

Jim’s Story

“I have to say that we shouldn’t at any stage give out or judge our sons or daughters. I’d say, take it one step at a time all along the way.”

Alice’s Story

“I had a sense of loss, for both her and myself”.

Bree’s Story

“I’ve always known there was something special about him – he was never into football like his older brother, and he’s always been kind, considerate and loving.”

Joan’s Story

“My immediate reaction was an immense feeling of love, a wish to protect him from the fear that he would be lonely and discriminated against.”