You think your child may be LGBT

You may be reading this leaflet because you think your child might be LGBT. If your child hasn’t talked to you about it yet, you may be wondering how to raise the subject.

Your child may not yet be aware of his/her sexual orientation/gender identity, or may be having difficulties accepting it and coming to terms with it. Some LGBT young people do not tell their parents because they fear rejection. Some may hope that it will just go away and that they won’t need to tell anyone.

Some children may feel insulted and upset if you raise the suggestion that they are LGBT. Approaching the subject indirectly may be a good way to start. You could begin by talking to your child about relationships. Try to emphasise that you want him/her to be happy and secure and that you will always be supportive no matter what.

If you can show that you are relaxed about talking about sexuality/gender identity, then your child may be more likely to talk to you about it.

Remember it is really important to let children know that you will always love and support them, no matter who they are.